Media Opportunities - Intimate with the Infinite
chasidim at the wall

chasidim at the wall

Moshe is available for media appearances such as interviews, classes, lectures, Shabbatons and pre-holiday highlights. This can be actualised in person, via the phone, Skype as well as international travel.

For bookings, please click on the "Contact" link above.


1. Vitalising life with meaningful inspiration

2. Chassidic insights into relationships

3. Finding a common denominator between created and Creator

4. Speeding up Redemption by accessing your sensory perceptions actively

5. How to enhance the ritual with the spiritual 

6. Your Birthday: The Divine Providence of the day the Creator decided that you were missing from this world

7. Photography: focusing on the good in everything

8. How to highlight creativity and self-expression emphatically 

9.  How to be a "human Being" living each moment fully actualized

10. Elevating and liberating the sparks

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