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We currently have 2 Intimate with the Infinite projects in the process of actualization. The Shabbat project is a hands on location outreach experience catering to the hungry and thirsty souls, longing for their Jewish Heritage. The photography project is an extended effort to reach out beyond time and space, to the souls that are in a spiritual desert, far from the living waters of Torah and their heritage. Please note that all donations are tax deductible. 

Shabbos Project

For the past 36 years, since they got married, thousands of people from all around the globe have enjoyed the incredible experience at Moshe & Leah Schlass's Old City Shabbos table.

Whether they met Moshe at the Wall, heard from a friend, referred by a Chabad shaliach anywhere in the world, simply dropping in for a l'chaim or after an inspirational experience at the Western Wall, many feel the need for an insightful and meaningful connection to their heritage and the Schlass's house is the perfect GPS coordinates!

On arrival, Shabbat guests find a warm, comfortable,  inviting and accepting environment surrounded by people of all ages and walks of life. The meal continues until the early hours of the morning, with everyone walking away with a feeling of great chemistry, unity with their heritage, physical and spiritual nourishment and food for thought!

Throughout the night, Moshe eloquently gives over tremendous depth into explaining how the spiritual is contained in the framework of the ritual, thus creating a holistic experience - mind, body and soul. On a physical level, Moshe's extensive professional cooking background in kosher health food, has guests lost for words! The amazing variety of food, from traditional to health food macrobiotics freshly bought daily from the famous Machaneh Yehuda market, supplemented by home-made vodkas and wines, guarantees that everyone will walk away with a feeling of physical satiation and spiritual inspiration. Moshe makes special time for individual meetings during the week to facilitate people's life development.

All of this takes place with the generous help from people all around the world. This contrabution is not just an act of charity toward feeding the physical but if not more so, feeding the soul! We have various contribution options below. Please note that the amounts below include food, drink and all expenses that go into creating this experience. 

$4500 - An entire month (4 Shabbat's)

$1200 - An entire Shabbat

$770 - Partial Shabbat Sponsorship

$180 - All l'chaims at the meal

$26 - A person at the meal or multiples thereof

Shabbat Project - Donate to your heart's content

Photography Project

This is an exciting journey from behind the lens, with the purpose of uniting the spiritual bonds between the viewer and the viewed and that which unites them both, a one on one with the only One.

Photography is not about the camera and it's images, rather it's revealing powerful experiences we have, creating an awareness of the soul that unites us all. It's the shared common ground between all of creation, that will help you see yourself in others and others in you.

Contributions of this project will enable Moshe to harness the powers of high-tech opportunities and make them visually tangible professionally online and in a published multi-lingual book.

Photography Project - Participate in the vision

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